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Counselling in Cambridgeshire – help with anxiety
nervous, tension, anxiety

Are you looking for help with panic attacks, worrying and anxiety? Are you based in Cambridgeshire?

Signs of anxiety include:-

  • heart palpitations, tension, fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath.
  • External signs of anxiety include sweating and trembling.
  • Someone who has anxiety might also experience it as a sense of dread or panic.
  • Although panic attacks are not experienced by every person who has anxiety, they are a common symptom. Panic attacks usually come without warning, and although the fear is generally irrational, the perception of danger is very real. A person experiencing a panic attack will often feel as if he or she is about to die or pass out.
  • There are many emotional effects as well. They include "feelings of apprehension or dread, problems with concentration, feeling tense or jumpy, thinking the worst, irritability, restlessness

The ‘A Problem Shared’ counselling service can help you to deal with anxiety:-

  • By listening to how you feel about your anxiety
  • By helping you to explore how you can better cope with your anxiety
  • This can lead to you feeling calmer and more relaxed