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Counselling in Cambridgeshire – help with stress
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Are you looking for help with stress? Are you based in Cambridgeshire?

Signs of stress include when:-

  • you are not able to make decisions; you are spending a lot of time worrying
  • you are feeling moody and irritable; you are unable to relax
  • you are feeling lonely, isolated or depressed
  • you have digestive problems, dizziness, chest pain, rapid heartbeat
  • you are eating or sleeping too much or not enough
  • you do not feel like being with friends or family
  • you find it difficult to motivate yourself
  • you are drinking or smoking more

The ‘A Problem Shared’ counselling service can help you to deal with stress:-

  • By listening to how you feel about stressful situations
  • By helping you to explore how you can better cope with stress
  • This can lead to you feeling calmer and more relaxed in stressful situations

The top 10 list of stressful situations are:-

  • divorce/separation; bereavement; moving home; losing a job; planning a wedding; work; children and family; debt; commuting; studying for exams